The restaurant at Château Hochberg is divided into three dining rooms – Dahlia, Ombelle and Venise – creating convivial, welcoming spaces for guests to feel at ease.

The Dahlia room, situated at the rear of the Château, features a magnificent ancient fireplace, surmounted by a mirror bordered with the flower motif of the same name. The gardens outside the room are reflected in the mirror, flooding the space with an extraordinary light. Ombelle is more intimate, with panels bearing airy, poetic motifs. The dining room is situated on the west side of the building, looking over the park in front of the Château. It is dominated by the Orgue chandelier, with three tiers of lamps that swathe the surroundings in a soft radiance. The Venise room, as the eponymous panel suggests, is inspired by the souvenirs and passion for travel of Lalique’s founder.

All three rooms are beautifully furnished and, in keeping with the Lalique tradition, enhanced by an interplay of materials and light, which informs them with a warm and appealing atmosphere.

The tables, chairs and sideboards in dark wood with graphic lines and the natural elegance of raw materials such as American walnut were created and designed especially for Château Hochberg.

The ensemble is elegantly set off by Lalique pieces, notably the Eternal crystal panels, a collaboration between Lalique and the British artist of world renown, Damien Hirst. The creations add an artistic note and a refined touch of colour to these living spaces.

During summer, enjoy our shady terrace located in the park behind the Château.

Our hotel and restaurant are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Our hotel and our restaurant are accessible for disabled people.
Château Hochberg is a non-smoking place. Pets are not allowed.